Empowering children. Restoring hope. Ending abuse.

Just For Kids Child Advocacy Center ensures guidance, protection, and help to children and families affected by abuse.

To report abuse, call 1-800-352-6513 and your local law enforcement agency. For more information about how to report abuse, click below. If you are reporting an emergency, please call 911.



People often come up to me and say “I saw you on TV last night”.  My response is, “Great, what was I talking about?”  Most people respond, “Something about kids”.    This response seems indicative of where our society is regarding many important social issues.  If there isn’t a simple fix, we tend to not think about it.  Child sexual abuse is one of those issues.  Humans have been abusing children since the dawn of time.  Not much has changed in the thousands of years of recorded history.


Just For Kids has three goals:  1.  Reduce the trauma that children experience after they have been abused and help them deal with the multiple issues that arise from the abuse.  2.  Interview children who have been abused in a child friendly, non-threatening space to collect credible, recorded accounts of the child’s experience, and provide that information to the team of investigators including Child Protective Services, law enforcement and the Prosecutor’s Office, to be used in the prosecution of the predators who commit these heinous crimes against children   3.  Bring awareness and prevention messages to the communities we serve to help reduce the incidence of abuse.


Close to 80% of the children who are interviewed disclose abuse.  We conducted over 300 interviews last year.  You do the math.  This is a crime that is occurring every day.
– Executive Director, Scott Miller