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Be One with Courage.

One with Courage, a national campaign proudly offered by the West Virginia Child Advocacy Network and Just For Kids, focuses on the courage it takes to talk about child abuse. You can help — learn the signs, share this information, and be the One with Courage to make a difference.

Child sexual abuse is a crime of secrecy, which tragically breeds within our communities because it’s difficult to talk about. That’s why conversation is the most effective tool we have to eradicate child abuse. You can be the One with Courage to inspire others to talk openly about it.


Questions and Interviews

The knowledgeable and experienced staff of Just For Kids can be a valuable resource for stories covering child abuse intervention, prevention and advocacy. For questions related to these important issues or to request an interview with one of our valued staff please contact Scott Miller at 304-255-4834 or

Just For Kids Reports and Press Releases

 December 2016

 What We Do:        Just for Kids is a Child Advocacy Center serving children and families in Raleigh, Fayette, and Wyoming counties with the goal of preventing and responding to child abuse.   We partner with law enforcement, child protective services (CPS) and the prosecutor’s office to ensure a coordinated response to criminal child abuse.



Making a Difference for Kids:    “When I was 7 or 8, I told the truth about being molested by my stepfather.  My telling fell on deaf ears. When I was 18, I went to the police.  When I was about 35, he was finally indicted.  The epidemic of denial includes mothers, fathers, family members, neighbors, teachers, doctors and, sometimes, other victims, who turn a blind eye to abuse that is happening in plain sight.  The epidemic of denial is also afflicting the general public, which seeks surface solutions instead of addressing childhood trauma as the root issue of many of our society’s ills.  The epidemic of denial is so rampant that an abuse story must often be so shocking and grotesque and from our own neighborhoods or Facebook feeds to awaken our senses to the reality that abuse is happening every day!  Child sexual abuse happens to one in 10 children in the United States, across class and color lines.  Yet, even when the community is awakened to this reality, rarely does sustained outrage last more than a news cycle, and rarely does anyone ask or question:  What can be done?  What can I do?

What happened to me was a tragedy, an incomprehensible horror, one that I shudder to even write, but I leverage my outrage into creativity, action, and advocacy – public and private.  I support the West Virginia Child Advocacy Network and Child Advocacy Centers across the state with full faith, because they are one of our most comprehensive, action-based organizations working to protect children from abuse.  We must commit together to turning our communal shock and grief into action to help prevent abuse, give children a voice and stand by survivors on their journey to healing.”
Crystal Good is an artist,advocate and entrepreneur in Charleston, WV
(excerpt from Charleston Gazette Op/Ed 10-19-16 written by Crystal Good)


How You Can Help?

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  • Donating Directly to Just For Kids. Although we provide an essential service to the community, less than half of our funds come from public sources.  It is critical that individuals and businesses financially support Just For Kids.  Make an annual donation during this Holiday Season.
  • Come to our Holiday Open House, Thursday, Dec. 15th -3-6pm at our NEW Fayette County location on Jones Ave., for some holiday cheer and community friend-raising. Meet community partners who have helped make this child friendly office a reality.j1a
  • Become an engaged community member by spreading information on our work and reporting any suspected child abuse.
  • At no cost to you, participate in our merchant partners program. A full list of our partners may be found on our website,, by clicking Support Us.  Of the over 100 merchants, two notable partners are Amazon and Kroger.

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  • Participate in the Neighborhood Investment Program (NIP) credits, a statewide program designed to encourage individuals and businesses to support the great work of nonprofit organizations in the community. Just for Kids has been approved for $2,500 in NIP credits.  Starting on December 1, 2016, your donation of $500 will be eligible for a 50% WV State tax credit.  This means if you give $500, you will receive a voucher to reduce your taxes by $250 for the 2016 tax year.  This is in addition to being able to claim the donation on your Federal taxes.  Credits are limited so be sure to let us know soon.
  • Share this newsletter with your friends, and spread the news about the important work that Child Advocacy Center’s perform across West Virginia and the rest of the United States.


  • Recent Activities:

lowesOne of our community partners is making an extraordinary contribution to Just For Kids. Lowe’s of Fayetteville, through their HEROS program is helping us clean, paint and refinish the floors in our soon to be opened office in Oak Hill.  Lowe’s employees are volunteering their time to scrub, sand, and help restore the entire house.  We rely on our community partners in so many ways.  A big thank you to Lowe’s and all the other businesses and individuals who support our work.

  • Scott Miller, our Executive Director facilitated a Stewards of Children workshop for 90 nursing students from Bluefield State University and the ACT program at the Erma Byrd Center in Beckley. This training provides five steps to protecting our children and is suitable for small and large groups.  For more information about hosting a Stewards of Children workshop, contact our office.


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